Army SFI

The SFI Portal: Coming July 4, 2013!

The SFI Portal is an exclusive-access domain, found within the mybacktothewall.com website.

It is a unique resource for those struggling with the effects of traumatic stress or PTSD, especially warriors, veterans, family members, and personal and professional caregivers. It uses a unique structure for solving  life problems through the “4-C” approach known to all warriors, e.g. “Command, Control, Collaboration, Communication“.

Each of these domains is explored in a dedicated “cube” within the portal, clearly identified by visually beautiful, easy to use icons.  The site thereby thus divides, organizes, and tackles the complex problems of  trauma in manageable segments, using a vocabulary that military members and veterans are already trained to understand and use. The SFI Portal uses content that is rich in text, images and video.  It is notable for its integration of emotional, biological spiritual and relational issues created by traumatic stress, and offers innovative content on these subjects found nowhere else.

For information on how to become a subscriber to the SFI Portal, please contact us here: SFIWebPortal@gmail.com .  You will receive a personal response, as well as our weekly newsletter.