At SFI Portal, We’re “All In”…. So What’s In It For You?

SFI Participants: "All in" at Victory Base, Iraq

Welcome to the new SFI Portal ! If you are reading this, it means that something about our relationship with you  just clicked a mouse, that is.

Now, the click of a mouse may seem insignificant to others.  But it means a great deal to us.  We know there are many  sites on the web that seek to reach those who must wrestle with traumatic stress and PTSD, as well as their family members and their personal and clinical caregivers.  It seems to us that the more the public becomes bombarded with these sites, the more important it’s becoming for people to be selective about which sites they will spend their time visiting.  Choosing a site that is confusing to navigate,  or that doesn’t address  the subjects that most matter to you,  can cause you TOTAL frustration!  On the other hand, making a good choice about where to look for enlightenment, support, and education about TS and PTSD can truly change your life,  or the life of a significant other for the BETTER.  Here are 5 REASONS why we believe the new SFI Portal is a choice that will improve your life, instead of waste your time.

REASON #1:  This site’s  especially for YOU.   We at SFI started from scratch to create an entirely new portal that is specifically tailored to the needs of people who must deal with traumatic stress and PTSD. The SFI Portal is clean and easy on the eye, and it navigates intuitively.  To use the site effectively,  there are only 2 things you need to do:

1.  Ask your self a question:  What do I need, want, or have an interest in?

2.  Simply select an icon that corresponds to your need:  Command, Control, Collaboration or Communication.  (The 4C’s of military problem solving).  It’s simple, and if you’ve ever been in the military, undoubtedly familiar.

REASON #2:   We won’t overwhelm you.  We don’t allow pop-up ads.  We don’t “slam” people weekly with dozens of items,  most of which can’t be of help to you, and only create a burdensome amount of “stuff” to sift through. Instead,we keep our postings limited, simple, and most of all effective and usable.  Our goal is to help you organize your life, your approach to TS and PTSD, and your journey to recovery.

REASON #3:    We aren’t advertisers; we are professional caregivers for those with PTSD and TS.  Our content is thoughtfully written by SFI Directors or members of our outstanding and selective group of guest contributors especially for this site, and especially for YOU.    Everything we do is designed to fit into the framework of SFI ,  its companion approach  (R-E-C-O-V-E-R©) , and the book “I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall.”   In short SFI Portal, and its host,, reflects almost a century of combined expertise. 

 REASON #4:   We deliberately do our best to give you information the way YOU would most like to receive it. For example, some people like to read;  but others may have difficulty with reading comprehension due to their PTSD or TS.  Still others would like to access the sight of a human face the sound of a supportive voice, or a helpful video.   So we are here for you.  Virtually everything we blog in text, we also provide to you in video format.  You can invite us into your home, in print or in video,  day or night, 24 / 7 / 365.

 REASON #5:   You don’t need to “swallow” a big topic like TS / PTSD in one giant gulp.  We help you to “divide and CONQUER”  traumatic stress and PTSD in small, manageable steps.  We do this by showing you how to deal with ALL ITS PARTS: biophysical, psychological, relational, emotional and spiritual.  SFI Portal serves its members though a broad base of professionals who represent integrative resources in ALL these areas.


If you are a person who suffers with traumatic stress or PTSD the SFI Portal will help demystify your feelings, behaviors and experiences,  show you new ways to cope, and help put YOU in charge of your PTSD management by giving you an effective plan for achieving it. If you visit the site consistently over time, you will accumulate a wealth of knowledge and insight you didn’t have before. 

 If you are a person with a friend or loved one with TS or PTSD the SFI Portal will help explain their behaviors and mindset, will help you to understand your own responses to them, and will help you become part of a management solution, instead of suffering helplessly with the problem.

 If you are a professional caregiver for those with TS or PTSD, the SFI Portal will help you see your care recipients through new clinical eyes, with a new professional empathy.  SFI Portal will be an invaluable professional resource that will open new doors of understanding, new clinical perspectives, and new possibilities in caregiving that you will not receive elsewhere.

 So:  It turns out that the answer to the question “What’s in it for you?” is “QUITE A LOT !”

Welcome to the SFI Portal.  We’re all in. Because in OUR eyes, YOU are  what it’s all about.

Rev. Dr. Chrys Parker, J.D. and Rev.  Dr. Glenn Sammis, D.Min

Directors, Spiritual Fitness Initiative

© 2012 Spiritual Fitness Initiative, All rights Reserved


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